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Raimond and Marika Jakobs

Raimond and Marika Jakobs

Raimond Jakobs

I was born in Tallinn in year 1953. I am married and I have four sons. I graduated from 8th class of the 42th High School and continued my studies in the Tallinn Polytechnic School which I graduated in 1972 of production automation and instrumentation engineering discipline. I and Marika got married in 1976.

My grandparents were members of the St. Olaf’s (Oleviste) church, and they often talked to me about God. I was invited to the Oleviste Effataa evening in October of 1983. I went there and when I was asked whether I want God to my life, I said yes, and I accepted Jesus as my personal savior. Since then I have been a Christian. I served in the Oleviste church until 1986th year. I left Oleviste church when the sovereign work of God began in my home and when God gave me the responsibility to be a shepherd to the large number of young people in relation to the emergence of the home church. Oleviste church is my dear birthplace and Rein Uuemõis is my spiritual father. I studied three years under the hand of this dear man of God, in order to be able to be a shepherd and teacher of the church, which God had planned to entrust to my care.

I was the pastor of the home church from 1985 until 1989 when I immigrated with my family to the United States guided by the Charter 87 (Harta 87) revelation. I studied two years in the Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma and I graduated from this Bible school in 1993. I got acquainted with the work of the various congregations in Tulsa. I served as the associate pastor in the Tulsa messianic congregation. I and my wife were ordained in year 2001 and we were sent back to our homeland. I arrived with my family back to Estonia in June 2001 and we continued to work as pastors in the original church, which we named Tallinn Charter Christian Church (Tallinna Harta kristlik kogudus) in September of 2001.