Charismata Ministries

Charismata Ministries was born in the beginning of 1980s to translate and to publish Christian teaching literature in Estonian and to distribute Christian music.

We published books from typescript photocopying during the Soviet time. We also managed to print some of the books abroad – in Sweden and in Norway. Altogether about a hundred books have been published, most from authors such as Kenneth E. Hagin, John Bevere, Joyce Meyer and John Crowder.

Charismata Ministries has also published a magazine named Usumaailm (World of Faith), which by now has become a web publication. Charismata Ministries also publishes the book series called Classics of Faith and Heroes of Faith.

We established a branch service named Heaven’s Music for Christian music promotion and distribution. We issued the magazine called by this name and also Christian radio broadcasts of the same name have sounded in Estonian Christian Radios.

One of the outreaches of the Charismata Ministries and Heaven’s Music is the Internet-based store Harta pood (Harta store – Heaven’s books and music).